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Specialty Maintenance
Belt Dressing - S00607  

Belt Dressing conditions belts while increasing pulling power up to 50%. This formula has a proven record of effective performance, even when subjected to wet or outdoor conditions. Will not glaze, collect dirt or dust. Reduces squeaky noise caused by old "V" belts.

  • NSF reg. no. 115092; P1 rated; (Liqui-Sol 127750)
  • Can be applied directly to belts and sheaves of “V” belts while running
  • Only an occasional repeat application is required to maintain full power
  • Contains no asphalt or rosin
  • Will not glaze or collect dirt or dust
  • Aerosol is equipped with SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve

Recommended Uses: Leather, rubber, canvas, fabric; flat, round or “V” belts, auto fan belts, farm machinery belting; all industrial belt drives including generators and fans

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00607 16 oz. can
11 oz. net wt.

Citrus Cleaner Degreaser - S00757
Citrus Cleaner Degreaser is a heavy duty, multi-purpose degreaser and graffiti remover. This non-chlorinated formula has the cleaning power of solvents to remove grime, dirt, grease, and oil. An outstanding biodegradable cleaner for use in general maintenance, public buildings, transit systems, restrooms, locker rooms and schools. Ideal as a cleaner prior to painting. Leaves refreshing, pleasant scent.
  • NSF reg. no. 127526; C1 rated
  • Biodegradable, heavy-duty, multi-purpose cleaner and graffiti remover
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • Removes grimy dirt, grease and oil
  • For surfaces such as Formica™, Fiberglas™, wood, ceramic tile and some plastics
  • Ideal for public areas subject to abuse
  • No CFCs or HCFCs
  • Dielectric strength: 40,400 volts
  • No chlorinated solvents

Recommended Uses: Walls and fixtures in restrooms, locker rooms, schools, public buildings, transit system vehicles and buildings; also for cleaning residue on molds, aluminum and concrete floors

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00757 20 oz. can
16 oz. net wt.

Lubricants and Rust Preventatives
Food Grade Silicone Lube - S00210
Food Grade Silicone Lube is a colorless, odorless, low-viscosity 5% silicone lubricant that us compatible with most surfaces. Ideal for use in close proximity to foods where petroleum products and other organics would contaminate.
  • NSF reg. no. 115089; H1 rated
  • 5% silicone formula
  • Colorless, odorless low-viscosity lubricant
  • Prevents sticking without transferring to end products
  • Meets FDA regulations when no more than 1 ppm is applied
  • Will not attack delicate surfaces such as styrene or urethane
  • Effective from - 40F to +450F
  • Equipped with SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve and extension tube

Recommended Uses: Slides, guide rails, knives, slicers, saws, grinders, dough mixers, guards, conveyors, food racks, ovens, bottling machines, heat sealing equipment, all food and drug processing equipment

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00210 16 oz. can
10 oz. net wt.

711® The Protector™ Lubricant - S00711
Sprayon® 711® is a general maintenance penetrant unmatched in its versatility and quality. Known as The Protector™, it’s the clear-cut choice of industry to penetrate, lubricate, demoisturize and inhibit corrosion. First, Sprayon® 711’s fast-acting creep factor penetrates the most microscopic irregularities to loosen frozen parts. Then, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants leave a protective barrier that displaces moisture and prevents rusting to keep your parts working freely. Application in the most difficult places is now simple with the SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve on the aerosol can.
  • NSF reg. no. 115051; H2 rated
  • Completely protects metal surfaces from corrosive elements
  • Need not be removed prior to surface treating, painting, joining or other processes
  • Can eliminate moisture-induced short circuits in electrical and electronic applications
  • Safe on plastic surfaces
  • Delivers 17% more usable product with its
    CO2 propellant
  • Formulated to ensure maximum moisture displacement

Recommended Uses: Bearings, production lines, machinery, sports equipment, electrical wiring, ignition systems, weapons, connectors, linkages, circuitry, transformers, operating controls, nuts and bolts, production equipment, and all other metal surfaces

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00711 16 oz. can
11 oz. net wt.

Rust Breaker™ Penetrant - S00103
Rust Breaker™ is a fast-acting product that quickly loosens rust while penetrating grease and dirt. A transparent, non-staining oil, its light film displaces moisture and acts as a corrosion preventative. Jet stream sprays up to two feet for safe, accurate application. Pleasant vanilla scent. It is a one coat rust and corrosion preventative compound.
  • NSF reg. no. 115050; H2 rated
  • Quickly loosens rust while penetrating grease and dirt
  • Transparent, non-staining oil
  • Light film displaces moisture and acts as a corrosion preventative
  • Jet stream sprays up to two feet for safe, accurate application
  • Non-flammable propellant
  • Flashpoint: 205°F
  • Dielectric strength: 33,000 volts
  • Will not harm painted surfaces

Recommended Uses: For releasing rusted or frozen lugs and bolts, lubricating tight-fitting parts, general overhaul, repair work and food plant equipment

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00103 16 oz. can
12 oz. net wt.

Dry Moly Lube - S00200
Dry Moly Lube is a high solids, molybdenum disulfide coating that withstands high pressures. This product bonds to all clean surfaces that are not adversely affected by alcohol or aromatic hydrocarbons, such as toluene or xylene.
  • NSF reg. no. 131583; H2 rated
  • Penetrates pores of substrate and bonds to surface for long-lasting lubrication
  • High-pressure, high-solids molybdenum disulfide coating
  • Withstands pressures up to 50,000 psi
  • Air dries in 5-10 minutes; cures in 2 hours at room temperature
  • Maintains effectiveness under high temperatures (650°F constant and 750°F intermittent)
  • Non-conductive
  • Equipped with EZ TOUCH® Standard Nozzle
  • Coefficient of friction is .23 per ASTM D4518
  • Works as a boundary lube as cold as -200°F

Recommended Uses: Assembly and run-in lubrication, automotive and industrial gaskets, sliding surfaces and gears, chutes and bins, bearings, chain drives, intricate mechanisms, vending machines, parking meters, roller chains and conveyor belts where heat is present

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00200 16 oz. can
11 oz. net wt.

Moly Chain and Pin Bushing Lube - S00202
Moly Chain & Pin Bushing Lube is a high viscosity oil that clings to moving parts. Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins to provide long-lasting lubrication. Reduces friction wear on moving parts and in metal-to-metal applications. The "moly" additive improves its capacity to handle greater pressure requirements of start-up stress.
  • NSF reg. no. 115087; H2 rated
  • Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins
  • Specially formulated for all chain drive equipment
  • Reduces wear, increases chain life up to three times when applied regularly
  • Moly additive assures lubrication under extreme pressure
  • Withstands extreme temperatures; effective from -20°F to +300°F
  • Excellent as a protective coating for stored metal parts
  • Aerosol is equipped with SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve

Recommended Uses: Chain drives and pins, forklift trucks, tractors, machinery, workstand rollers, conveyors, motorcycle and bicycle chains, sprockets, clippers, cutter bars, chain saws, link and roller assemblies

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00202 16 oz. can
11 oz. net wt.

White Lithium Lube  - S00100
White Lithium Lubricant is a high solids white grease that provides excellent lubrication for metal-to-metal applications. It is ideal for use on chains, gears, drives, hinges, etc. It serves as an excellent corrosion inhibitor for unpainted metal.
  • NSF reg. no. 115074; H2 rated
  • Inhibits corrosion on unpainted metal surfaces
  • High-solids, non-staining white grease
  • Excellent for metal-to-metal applications
  • Will not drip or run on vertical surfaces
  • Effective from -20°F to +275°F
  • Aerosol includes extension tube

Recommended Uses: Chains, gears, drives, hinges and other vertical or overhead surfaces. Recommended for use on knock-out pins on mold equipment

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00100 16 oz. can
11 oz. net wt.

Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing Compound - S00740
A high performance primer containing 97% pure zinc dust pigment blended with epoxy resin. Stops rust by electro-chemical action on steel or galvanized coatings. The self-sacrificing zinc protects the base metal, preserving strength and prevents rust creepage when the area is penetrated or scratched. The compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and delivers protection against corrosion equal to or better than hot dipped galvanize.
  • Fast-drying, high-solids, high-performance, epoxy-based coating
  • Provides maximum protection to steel exposed to severe corrosive environments
  • Fuses zinc to the metal substrate to protect against corrosion; equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing
  • 97% pure zinc dust
  • Excellent anti-sag and anti-settling properties
  • May be topcoated with conventional primers or finish coats
  • Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water
  • Meets or exceeds performance requirements to MIL-P-26915C.
  • Outstanding weld thru primer

Recommended Uses: Surfaces subject to severe corrosion and rust conditions, such as fences, gutters, bridges, structural steel, wrought iron, farm equipment; ideal as a maintenance spray for highways, food plants, power plants, refineries or damaged galvanized surfaces

Product Container Size Details & Price
S00740 16 oz. can
14 oz. net wt.
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