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Black Moly Anti Seize
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Black Moly Anti Seize

Never-Seez Black Moly  
A high percentage of lubricious molybdenum disulfide in a premium grease provides ultimate protection for component assembly and roller bearings exposed to extreme pressure, high temperature and slow operating speeds. Withstands up to 500,000 psi and temperatures up to 750F.
  • Temperature Resistance:  -10F to 750F (-12C to 399C)
  • Particle Size:  1 Mil Maximum (25 microns)
  • Density (G/CM3):  1.1 to 1.3
  • ASTM D-217 Work Penetration:  300-350
  • ASTM D-92 Flash Point:  >482F (250C)
  • ASTM D-566 Dropping Point:  375F (191C)
  • Torque Coefficient (K Factor):  .140
  • Coefficient of Friction / ASTM Test Method:  .0597 D-2266
  • Falex Test / Fail Load:  1000 lbs (455 Kg)

Suggested applications:  Press fit assemblies, equipment break-in, machine tool parts, hot exhaust fans, highly loaded bearings <500 RPM, adjusting screws, screw jacks, crushing mills, steel forming gates and slides.

Product MSDS Sheet Container Size Details & Price
NSB-150 MSDS 1 lb. Flat Top
NSBC-1 MSDS 14.1 oz. Cartridge
NSB-35B MSDS 35 lb. Pail

*Note: MSDS Sheets provided by Bostik. PDF version opens via Adobe Acrobat and in separate window.


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