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High Temperature Stainless Anti Seize
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High Temperature Stainless  
High Temperature Stainless A stainless steel, graphite, aluminum based anti-seize compound formulated to protect up to 2200F against seizure and galling, galvanic and severe environmental corrosion. It was specifically designed for applications that cannot use nickel based products. Tested to MIL-A-907.
Product Container Size Details & Price
NSS-160 1 lb. Flat Top Coming Soon
NSSBT-8 8 oz. Brush Top
NSSBT-16 1 lb. Brush Top
  • Fasteners in steel mills and power plants.
  • Stainless steel pipe fittings, flanges, pump fittings and unions.
  • Fasteners in exhaust manifolds.
  • Reactor bolts.
  • Turbine bolts.
  • Gauges and fittings.
Temperature Resistance: -297F to 2200F (-183C to 1204C)
Particle Size: 2 Mil Maximum (50 microns)
Density (G/CM3): 1.23 to 1.29
ASTM D-217 Work Penetration: 300-350
ASTM D-92 Flash Point: >482F (250C)
ASTM D 566/Dropping Point: 350F (177C)
Torque Coefficient, K Factor: .16
Coefficient of Friction/ASTM Test Method: 080 D-2625A
Falex Test/Fail Load: 500 lbs (227 Kg)
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