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High Temperature Bearing Lubricant
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High Temperature Bearing Lubricant

Never-Seez High Temperature Bearing Lubricant  
Never-Seez High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is an exclusive combination of a specially formulated high temperature grease and lubricating enhancers that provide long lasting lubrication at temperatures between 500F and 1000F. High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is recommended for ball and roller bearings, bushings, open and sealed bearings.

Suggested applications:  Process oven bearings, heat treat ovens and furnaces, kiln ovens and casters, oven damper controls, high temperature exhaust fans

  • Temperature Resistance:  -15F to 1000F (-9C to 538C)
  • Particle Size:  1 mil maximum (25 microns)
  • Density (G/CM3):  .90 to .94
  • ASTM D-217 Work Penetration:  265-335
  • ASTM D-92 Flash Point :  >482F (250C)
  • ASTM D 566/Dropping Point:  Non-dropping
  • Torque Coefficent (K factor):  N/A
  • Coefficient of Friction/ASTM Test Method:  .0703 D-2266
  • Falex Test/Fail Load:  750 lbs (341 Kg)
Product Container Size Details & Price
NHTC-14 14.1 oz. Cartridge
NHT-35B 35 lb. Pail
NHT-120B 115 lb. Drum

Allow min 2 week delivery except for NHTC-14

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