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PetroChem Grade
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PetroChem Grade - For Petrochemical and Refinery Plant Applications

PetroChem Grade - For Petrochemical and Refinery Plant Applications  
Never-Seez· PetroChem Grade is a premium heavy-duty anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant formulated to assure unparalleled parts protection in highly corrosive acidic and caustic chemical environments. PetroChem Grade was formulated specifically for use in refineries; chemical plants and petrochemical plants. PetroChem Grade offers superior resistance to caustic, acidic and harsh chemical environments.

Suggested applications:  Generators, pumps, flange assembly, heat exchangers, manhole studs, manifold pipe fittings, burner tips, speed factors (nodm) up to 400,000, furnace hinges and threaded assemblies

Product Container Size Details & Price
NSPCBT - 8 8 oz. Brush Top
NSPCBT - 16 16 oz. Brush Top
NSPCBT - 42B 42 lb. Pail
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