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Red Bearing Lubricant
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Never-Seez Red Bearing Lubricant  
Never-Seez Red Bearing Lubricant is a special formulation of polyurea thickened grease and rust inhibitors that work to provide maximum bearing life. Superior in performance to soap thickened grease, Red Bearing Lubricant has 70% longer life than commercial lubricants as well as temperature resistance to 350F continuous service and 400F intermittent. It also shows excellent structural stability and maintains its consistency better than competitive greases under severe operating conditions such as encountered in an over packed bearing. Red Bearing Lubricant does not thin out in the presence of water and resists water washout, mild acid and alkaline solutions.

Suggested applications:  High and low speed bearings, pre-lubricated and "seal-for-life" bearings, universal joints, CV joints, wheel bearings, train wheel block bearings, tunnel augering equipment, for "quiet" bearings per manufacturers' requirements, speed factors (nodm) up to 400,000

  • Temperature Resistance:  -30 to 350F (-34 to 177C)
  • Particle Size:  N/A
  • Density (G/CM3):  .89 to .93
  • ASTM D-217 Work Penetration:  290-330
  • ASTM D-92 Flash Point:  >482F (250)
  • ASTM D 566/Dropping Point:  450F (232)
  • Torque Coefficent (K factor):  N/A
  • Coefficient of Friction/ASTM Test Method:  .0732 D-2265A
  • Falex Test/Fail Load:  750 lbs (341 Kg)
Product Container Size Details & Price
NSRC-1 14.1 oz. Cartridge
NSR-140 14 oz. Flat Top
NSR-35B 35 lb. Pail

Allow 2 week min delivery except for NSRC-1

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