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Weldbond® Universal Space Age Adhesives
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Weldbond® Universal Space Age Adhesives

Weldbond is SIX products in ONE:
GLUE - Bonds wood, concrete, foam plastic, leather, plastic laminates, (i.e. formica, arborite)
glass and other materials too numerous to mention.
  WEATHER PROOFER - Mix with five parts water, seals floors, interior and exterior brick, mortar,
concrete and cement against moisture penetration. For use above ground level.
SEALER - When thinned with five parts of water Weldbond becomes a sealer for brick,
block concrete and an excellent paint base as a primer/sealer.
  DUST PROOFER - Mix five parts water to one part Weldbond to prevent dusting of concrete surfaces.
Excellent for garage, basement, and factory floors.
CONCRETE AND PLASTER HARDENER - Mix five parts water with one part Weldbond for hardening concrete, plaster, and mortar.   BONDING AGENT - For concrete and plaster dilutes with water for extra economy (see product guide).
When mixed with one part water and thickened with filler, makes a versatile bonding adhesive.
Bonds Most Anything - The Longer it sets, the stronger it gets

Bonds marble, Brick, Cement to Tile/Wood, Glass/Metal/Wood, Foam Plastic, Indoor/Outdoor Carpet, Wood, Aluminum/Wood, Laminates, Plaster Bonding, Concrete Bonding, Bonds Drywall/Seals Drywall, Cement on Steel/Wood, China, Cork, Laminate Flooring, Leather, Tiles, Upholstery, Veneers, Stone, Fabrics, Furniture, Glass, Gypsum, Plastic Laminates, Porcelain, Plywood, etc...etc...

2oz. Blister Pack - 1 case (12) 64oz. Weldbond - 6 Bottles
4oz. Blister Pack - 1 case (12) 128oz. Weldbond - 2 Bottles
Product Container Size Details & Price
4 oz.
8 oz.
WB212 -
Craft Glue
2 oz.


12 oz.
21 oz.
1/2 gal.
1 gal.
5 oz. - New CLOG FREE Tube
9.29 oz. - New CLOG FREE Tube
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