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Bostik® Woodworking Lubricants
Woodworking Lubricants for Home Improvement and Wood Craft


Bostik TopCote®  
Bostik TopCote® TopCote® features a unique fluoropolymer technology that dramatically reduces sliding friction on table saws while it repels dust, dirt, moisture and prevents corrosion. Its dry formula contains no silicone or petroleum and it will never stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes.

TopCote forms a durable, water-repelling dry film on saw tables and tool surfaces to reduce sliding friction and eliminate surface "hang ups." Compared to paste wax, TopCote is 30% slicker, prevents rust longer and is easier to use.

Contains no silicone - Prevents rust 5 times longer than wax or silicone - Lasts 3 times longer than wax.

Product Container Size Details & Price
TopCote-05 5.5 oz. can
TopCote-05-Case Case of 12
5.5 oz. cans
TopCote-10 10.75 oz. can
TopCote-10-Case Case of 12
10.75 oz. cans

Bostik DriCote®  
Bostik DriCote® Helps achieve cleaner, truer cuts from any blade or bits. It forms a clear, tough, micro-thin coating that greatly reduces friction and extends overall blade life. DriCote prevents resin and pitch build-up to save time and money on blade cleanings and re-sharpening, while increasing overall yield.

Use DriCote on saw blades, drills and router bits for cleaner, straighter cuts. It forms a tough coating on metal surfaces to reduce cutting friction and resin buildup.

Prevents resin and pitch buildup - More than doubles time between re-sharpening - Contains no silicone.

Product Container Size Details & Price
DriCote-05 5.5 oz. can
DriCote-05 Case of 12
5.5 oz. cans
DriCote-10 10.75 oz. can
DriCote-10 Case of 12
10.75 oz. cans

Bostik Bearing Lubricant  
Bostik Bearing Lubricant

Bostik Bearing Lubricant is Ideal for router work on all wood and solid surfaces. It protects valuable tools even under heavy operating loads and high temperatures up to 550°F.

Regular maintenance with Bearing Lubricant can extend bearing life far better than oil or other treatments. Use it to free up frozen bearings and seal bearings from moisture, too.

Reduces operating friction by 25% - Extends bearing life by 3 times - Effective twice as long as oil and up to 550°F - Contains no silicone.

Product Container Size Details & Price
BLube-05 5.5 oz. can
BLube-05 Case of 12
5.5 oz. cans
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