Tom's Secret Formula™ Garage Door Lubricant 16 OZ. Aerosol Can


Product Code: TSF-GARAGE

Manufacturer: Camie-Campbell

Tom's Secret Formula™Garage Door Lubricant 16 OZ. Aerosol Can

Tom's Secret FormulaTM Earth Friendly Garage Door Lubricant is a high performance garage door lubricant for commercial or residential use. Formulated with optimized USA-grown natural vegetable oils and selective additives, it surpasses the lubricity and performance of conventional garage door lubricants. This natural lubricant solution is safer for users and the environment.

Suggested Applications: Lubricating rollers, hinges, springs, bearings, cables, locks and roller chains, loosening rusted and frozen bolts and nuts.

  • Appearance:  Amber
  • Odor:  Vegetable Oil
  • Solvent System:  None
  • Propellant:  Isobutane and Propane
  • Spray Pattern:  Mist
  • VOC %:  Less than 50% by weight
  • VOC Compliant for CA & OTC:  Yes
  • Aerosol Flammability Level:  Level 3 Aerosols

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