Tom's Secret Formula™ B-404 All Purpose Lubricant 16 OZ. Aerosol Can

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Product Code: TSF-B404

Manufacturer: Camie-Campbell

Tom's Secret Formula™ Earth Friendly B-404 16 OZ. Aerosol Can

Tom's Secret Formula™ Earth Friendly B-404 is a high-performance all-purpose lubricant. Formulated with optimized USA-grown natural vegetable oils and selective additives, it is made without chlorine or regulated toxins. B-404 clings to surfaces and does not evaporate providing lubrication longer than conventional petroleum-based lubricants and is safe for all metals. This natural lubricant solution is safer for users and the environment.

Suggested Applications: Loosening rusted and frozen bolts, lubricating moving parts, blocking moisture and preventing rust.

  • Appearance: Amber
  • Odor: Vegetable Oil
  • Solvent System: None
  • Propellant: Isobutane
  • Spray Pattern: Mist
  • VOC %: Less than 50% by weight
  • VOC Compliant for CA & OTC: Yes
  • Aerosol Flammability Level: Level 3 Aerosols

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