Bostik sealants are one-part, advanced formulations that deliver durability and flexibility under the most demanding conditions. They provide exceptionally high quality, high strength bonds that resist the problems posed by dissimilar substrates, long term exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, chemicals and joint movement.



1100 FS
1100 Fast Set Urethane dries tack free in 90 minutes to form a tough, flexible bond. Bonds to woods, metals, FRP and most plastics. Typically used for applications in truck trailer or container construction and RV assembly. Ideal applications include exterior/interior seams or vent/roof penetrations.

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920 Urethane Marine Sealant/Adhesive
Has extended open time to provide up to 6 hours of repositionability. It provides excellent weatherability and strong, flexible bonds above or below the waterline. 920 bonds to most boat building materials including teak, aluminum, and fiberglass and most plastics. It is ideal for sealing hatches, windows, doors, cleats, and windshields.
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920 Fast Set Urethane
Is faster curing than 920 Urethane. This fast setting formula dries tack free in 90 minutes and delivers extremely tough bonds. It offers tenacious adhesion to wood, fiberglass, FRP, most plastics, aluminum and metal.
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Chem-Calk® 1200 - General Purpose
A one component, RTV, general purpose, silicone sealant primarily formulated to be used on non-porous surfaces. Its inherent superior weathering properties allow it to be used on exterior applications that must withstand the harshest of atmospheric conditions. Chem-Calk 1200 has particularly good adhesion to substrates, such as glass, metals, ceramics and most plastics.
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1100FS 920UMS 920FS
Curing Mechanism
Moisture Moisture Moisture
Temperature Range
 -40 to190F -40 to 180F -40 to 180F
Tack & Cure Time
90 min/36 hr 6 hr/72 hr 90 min/36 hr
Tensile Strength
270 psi 180 psi 267 psi
Elongation %
870 950 850
Shore A Hardest
43 38 37

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